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Displays and catalogs
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Another display to restore
A display to restore
WDC c. 1875 Catalog
WDC Display Case
KB&B Paragon Display
Miniature Kaywoodie Cased Set
Kaywoodie pipe stands/racks
1944 Oversize ad
Kaywoodie Babe Ruth Counter Cardboard
1937 Display
WW1 Pipe Famine Newspaper Article
1931 Kaywoodie Drinkless Advertisement
My Big Ole S.M. Frank Display
Here's some Medico stuff someone might be interested in ...
My new display....full
New Display on the way
Kaywoodie/Heritage add made it bigger
Pipe ads from 60s era playboys
Comparative Pricing, Kaywoodie vs Other Brands, 1937
Vintage KYM Advertising Sign
Old Kaywoodie display case
Kaywoodie 1970-71 shape charts
Kaywoodie 1955 shape chart with extras
Kaywoodie 1947 shape chart
Kaywoodie 1936 and 1937 shape charts.
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