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KBB Yello Bole Imperial 3905
Info on a Kaywoodie table/desk pipe
Gale's anyone? Post 'em...
Question for Bill F3
Kaywoodie 35C
033 - What do I have here?
The Gray Fox 13B's
Kaywoodie ID
Bunch of nice ones on the bay
Unmarked Kaywoodies. Seconds? Prototypes? Lunch-Box?
Snagged this Kaywoodie at the gun show
Push stems with no clover?
Need help dating this Thorn
Meerschaum figural on ebay
My Kaywoodie figurals so far
The dog does exist
Handmade Supergrain Dublin
Handmade Supergrain Bulldog (4-Hole)
Crazy Kaywoodies on PMF
Super Grain
Flame Grain
New Push Stems
4/05 Made in London England
Shape 38C
1919-1924 KBB Kaywoodie?
A 7082 drinkless bulldog without a white clover logo
Suntan Rock Ambera 7636
Is this really from 1932?
Originals' 3 Digit Numbers
Kaywoodie Thorn 17/27 Stamping
Shape 09
Looking for shape charts for collectors and originals
Shape 25C
Master List Pipes
Doctor's Pipe Case
Unknown Shape Numbers
NOS Kaywoodie Filtronic
An old war horse
Figural comparisons
2 and 3 Digit Shape Descriptions
Chesterfield question
my latest Kaywoodies
Kaywoodie Collectors 5g?
Can anyone give me a shape number?
my 4 ''London Made'' pipes
Just finished cleaning up this brit woodie
83 B No Clover leaf any Ideas
5135g? Anyone have any info on this? Can find any info.
2003 POY Smooth
Advice needed please
Help in dating old pipe
New pipe days are always the best days
What in the world do I have here?
Safety Arch Bit
Pipe Shape
2001 POY shape
So what's so special about a KBB Drinkless Kaywoodie Thorn?
got the skull!
One Mixed Up Pipe
Good bye Stinger
Finally got Mephisto :)
KBB Silverleaf Condensor
my Christmas pipe - a boxed Kaywoodie AIR-WAY 707
KBB O'Keg Genuine Bruyere Pipe
My Christmas Pipe
Drinkless Woodie changed?
Shape 102
K B & B Standard pipe with mechanical diaphragm
Shape 68 or 88
Imported Briar Dating
Shape 01C
Shape 168
Factory Banded Supergrain From Before 1932?
Are Kaywoodie Pipes still made in the U.S? Apple a Day.....
yello-bole info
my second - a Standard pot 69
Gold Foil Clover Thorn Pipe ~1926
Shape 93B
Shape 68
No Stem Logo
A Giant 1940s Hand Made Billiard
blue leaf
my First
Kaywoodie "Drinkless" 7716 ('36-'38)
Oversize Shape list?
Kaywoodie Churchwarden Supergrain (Shape 95)
KB&B 150th Anniversary Pipe
Huge Pre-1927 Drinkless Meerschaum
Shape 237
Early Kaywoodie
Export Kaywoodie
Shape 00A
New Era KW Thorn 13b
couple of POYs
Shape 13C
Unknown Shapes
Shape 23
Made In England Relief Grain and Continental
Kaywoodie Flame Grain 99B (40's-50's)
Another Kaywoodie Oom Paul to make a nice set
Kaywoodie Super Grain 5172
Handmade 1310
Did KB&B, Frank, etc. ever make coupon pipes?
Kaywoodie cased thick walled Meerschaum billiard
My Kaywoodie Group Photo
1922 Kaywoodie Drinkless pipes
1926 Dinwoodie--pre Kaywoodie
Salesman's Pipe Set
Tuckaway Shape Numbers
New POY Poker
What did I get?
The Drinkless Patent (with photos)
Kaywoodie Super Grain 5163 Oom Paul
Dating a Regent
Thought I'd share my current collection of kaywoodies.
Kaywoodie Signet with g4 stamping on stem?
Briar Insert Calabash
More info please
KW Handmade 1511
Pipe-Picking Sucess Today
Kaywoodie Made In France
Where to find Kaywoodie information
Kaywoodie ID Help Please
Kaywoodie Desk Lighter
3 Digit Shape numbers
Is this a shellcraft?
Synchro Stem Patent
Newly Restored Old Kaywoodie Meer
New Editions to my collection (Pic Heavy)
New Logo To Me
price lists
Carburetor without drinkless and synchro steem...
so I bought a new unsmoked handmade
Kaywoodie Atlas E1191
A KBB clover Imperial find
This Is Different (2)
This Is Different
Info and/or dates this Yello Bole was made please?
Kaywoodies by Bill
Relief Grain Question
Kaywoodie Air-Way
2013 PSF POY
London Made Kaywoodie Shapes
Stem Stamping Question
Voting is up to choose makers.
Meerschaum figural on ebay
What is this?
98S on Ebay (Unsmoked)
What was the purpose of changing to a three hole stinger?
KBB WWII era Yello-Bole Imperials
Drinkless with Inset Shank Cloverleaf
94B and Food Coloring
KB&B Shamrock Well Pipe w/ WDC Wellington Stem
Unsmoked 4 hole Drinkless 07C SuperGrain
Kaywoodie Campus
Rare Kaywoodies
Some of my small collection
Previously undiscovered figural
First Kaywoodie Meer
Finally a Kaywoodie Calabash
Sharing pics of some of the less common
Oval obsession
My Kaywoodies
Kaywoodie 500 oval Canadian
Flame Grain 45C & 12B
Age of this Drinkless?
Kaywoodie “Filtronic” Pipe”?
My current KW favorites
Super Grain 07 Ambera
Help identifying this one
Kaywoodie Drinkless 7003
Zulu Drinkless 7701
The Argument For NOT Refinishing Old Kaywoodies
Outline shamrock
My 01 Stembiter
New pipe - need a little help!
Kaywoodie Meerschaum Query
Picked up an old stembiter
Solid ball stingers
another ebay oddball
Kaywoodie Liberty Bell
Help with a Super Grain 5111
KW Bulldogs
Small Kaywoodie Silhouette collection
Please Verify Dating of a 7712B
I'm a gambling man
My Formerly White Briar Canadian
Three for sale
My Giant :)
Quick Question...
A Kaywoodie precursor
How does this fit in with the KBB/KW family?
My first 4 digit...
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