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Kaywoodie relatives
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Rare Shank Logo KB&B Yello-Bole Sandblast Imperial#3751
KBB Townley pipes
A Unique 1940’s KB&B Yello-Bole Propeller Apple
Medico Meerschaum
Is This A Frank Piccadilly?
KB&B Master List
WDC Presidential Meerschaum Pipes
WDC Columbus Pipe
A WDC Army Mount and a Manhattan Canadian
Something Old, Something New(ish)
WDC Roslyn
“Plain Jane” Yello Bole 2807 billiard with a unique surprise
KB&B amber crescent stummel with briar bowl
Help in IDing Medico Gold Crest shape
Unknown WDC Stamping
Montery Mission Briar - Unsmoked 7 Day Set
DeResino Processed
Medico Guardsman
A couple CPF Meerschaums
Help With A Project, DINWOODIE Photos
Premier French Briar Bulldog
Premier Lindbergh Commemorative Pipe
1890s WDC cased meerschaum
1927 KBB Unsmokd Pipe & Holder set.
A CPF Curosity
Frank Lord Byron
A couple Kaywoodie cousins
Yello Bole Imperial Handmade
Was there any Weber-Medico connection in the past?
Sam Frank and Wally Frank
Another Frank Billiard
Yello Bole Spartan
Ebay Score
Got that Italian Briar KB&B Churchwarden cleaned up
Reiss-Premier Hole-In-One Pipe
Yello Bole Chesterfield KB&B -Finally!
S. M. Frank Master List
Yello Bole with unique design
Wally Frank White Bar underslung (Boer Shape?)
New England Briar Pipe Company
Some More CPF
Manhattan Briar Pipe Company
Reiss Brothers and Company
KBB Yello Bole Century Model- Info?
Airograte MK II
The Drinkless, factory carved?
C. P. F. Patent Date
Recobbled Medicos
Yello-Bole Chinrester question
Yello Bole Imperial from wvsmokeshop
C.P.F Red Eyed Skull Pocket Pipe
photos C.P.F.
Birthday present Yello-Bole
C.P.F. WW1 Military pipe?
what is this?
Medico VFQ cumberland stem
CPF/KB&B Bakelite Woodstock
Frank Medico VFQ
Anyone ever see this pipe brand before?
Yello-Bole Bamboo
Almost unsmoked WDC Milano
KB&B Blueline Bakelite
WDC Russian Silver
WDC Sovereign
CPF Meerschaum
Unsmoked WDC Amber
Unventilated Ventilator
Opinions wanted on this CPF Poker
CPF / KB&B stamped pipes
My WDC Pipes
Medico Double-Dri Sterling
Manhattan Pipes
Frank pipes
KBB Melrose Curly Grain.
Wally Frank
Medico figural...who knew?
Junktique/estate sale finds for last weekend
Glasschaum bowl
Jet Stream
Mountain Root pipe
TAPS Show Raffle Win
CPF Master List
Anyone have a lot of welingtons?
W.D.C. Master List
Medico corn cobs
Yello Bole patent 117975?? Need info
A Couple of Medico VFQ's
Most of my Yello-Boles
Some Medicos
Scored my first Yellow Bole
KBB Lyon Pipe
Heritage Brochure and Master List
New to me Heritage Antique #14
KB&B Master List
Medico Master List
Yello Bole Master List
Dating Yello Bole pipes
Monterey Pipes
Almost forgot the Good Night Pipe
My Medicos
My Yelo Boles
Yellobole Air Control
Yello Bowl waiting for some love
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